Don't just take it from me .....

These could have been made up - but they're not.

  • "Hi Ian, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend.
    I just wanted to ping you an email to thank you for Saturday night. Your music choices were brilliant and everyone I spoke to, on the night and after, thought you were great.
    Thanks also for sticking around for a further hour, that was really decent of you.
    Catch up with you soon".  R.
     (Client, Joint 40th/70th Birthday Party, April 2017)
  • "And some special thanks!
    Ian thank you for your awesome DJing that kept the dance floor filled.  We had so many people who came up to us to tell us how happy they were to hear certain songs.  You made the place rock!!
    .  (Client, Wedding Reception, February 2016)

  • "Dear Ian,  I wanted to take the opportunity to say a massive Thankyou for the fantastic job that you did at our wedding.  We had a lovely time and so did our guests.  Everybody remarked how good you were and I have passed your details on to those interested.  My children who pestered you for requests said you were "epic"! :)  We would be happy to recommend you to people and will definitely contact you for future parties.
    Thanks again for your efficient and fantastic work.  Wish you and your business all the best for the future.
    Regards J H
    .  (Client, Wedding Reception, July 2015)

  • "Hi Ian .... Just a Thank You for last night .... We had a great evening and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Thanks for listening to our random music changes!! Kind Regards Suzy"  (Client, May 2015)

  • "Thanks for last night! Everyone had a great time! x"  (Client, August 2014)

  • "Hi Ian,  Just a quick note to say thank you for a fantastic night.
    It's always a little worrying when you book DJ's who you've never heard or dealt with before but what a fantastic find you was.  Many of the guests commented on the great selection of music you played, so pleased we left the choices up to you.  We had a great evening and this was partly down to the fantastic DJ. Thank you Ian, we was lucky you was available for the late minute booking.  Cheers  Sue
    "  (Client, Sister's  Surprise Milestone Birthday Party - December 2013)

  • "Hi Ian, Just to say thank you for the music last night! It was fantastic and exactly what I wanted.
    I've had so many texts today saying how great it was and how everyone enjoyed it. Lukes recommendation was spot on!  Thanks again, Sue J.
    (Client, Milestone Birthday Party - October 2013)

  • "Hi Ian, We are so glad you could dj for us, you did an amazing job, as always. We were so happy to see everyone, including yourself, enjoying the music and I'm impressed that you know all the words to the jungle book! On behalf of myself and B a massive heart felt thank you. (Client, Wedding Reception - August 2013)

  • "I really enjoyed your set tonight, we see DJs in here week in week out playing the same old music, you played different music and it was the first time in ages that I actually enjoyed listening to the DJ (Venue, Wedding Reception - August 2013)

  • "Hi Ian I'm back in business with a new phone woohoo!  Just to thank u so v much for Saturday everyone had a lovely time and a few people asked for ur number thought u were brilliant as we knew u are so thanks again and all the best x"  (Client, 30th Wedding Anniversary - August 2013)

  • "Was great to see you on Saturday. My wife commented on how good a DJ you were. See you Saturday (Manager, Highfield Rovers - April 2012)

  • "Dear Ian,  Apologies for the delay of this email, but as you can appreciate it's all been a bit manic since the wedding and we have just got back from a great honeymoon in Barcelona.   We just wanted to say the biggest thank you for the amazing job you did for us on our special day.  We were absolutely blown away by the fantastic choice of music.  It was spot on and we couldn't have picked it better ourselves. We really felt like you knew exactly what we like and everyone seemed to enjoy it too.  The comments we received from our guests reflected our comments too.  We also really appreciate you making the journey to Brighton.  I think we can safely say that you were the icing on the cake on what was the most special day of our lives.  We will also post a comment on your website to let everyone know.  Kindest regards M and M"  (Wedding Client - March 2012)

  • "Hi Ian, Unbelievably, it is a week since M and M's wedding last Saturday. It was a perfect day and I would like to say a big thank you for your part in making it such a great time for them. M never sat down all night - and suffered for it the next day! She was wearing 6" heels until about 9.00 pm.  Your choice of music was spot on for them and they both said they couldn't have made better choices.  Not sure about "You'll Never Walk Alone" though!!   Sorry I did not get to speak to you, but hope you enjoyed the evening too.  To come all that way on a Saturday night was much appreciated and I hope the family let you have a lie in on Sunday morning.  M and M enjoyed their honeymoon in Barcelona and it was lovely to catch up with them on Thursday evening when they got home, to relive the day all over again.  Once again, Ian, thanks for your hard work. We had a really memorable evening.  N xx"  (Wedding Client - March 2012)

  • "Hi Ian, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Friday.  My feet are still suffering from all the dancing, I don't think there was one song you played I didn't want to be on the dance floor to.
    With kindest regards, L and N" 
    (Wedding Client - July 2011)

  • "Thank you for everything, we're all really pleased, I'd like to book you for next year. (Client - June 2011)

  • "Fantastic sound system, everything works so well. (Client - June 2011)

  • "I just had to come over and say how good the music you're playing is, we're really enjoying it. (Client - June 2011)

  • "Hi Ian,  Just wanted to say a big thank you for the music last night, great selection which covered all the ages.  Think my parents were surprised to say the least.  If we need a disco in future we know where to come. 'K'. (Client - March 2011)

  • "You're like an older Fatboy Slim." I was tempted to put 'slightly older', but that's not what they said  (Client - February 2011)

  • "Just wanted to say thanks for Friday, a good time was had by all. Thanks Again. (Client - February 2011)

  • "Everyone was impressed with the Disco last night, so thanks again (Client - January 2011)

  • "We saw you at a friend's party last year, can we book you for ours? (Client - January 2011)

  • "Thanks for such a great night, can I book you for my 40th Birthday party?"  (Client - December 2010)

  • "Thank you so much, the music was just right, and you made the evening (Client - June 2010)

  • "Brilliant music, I'm going to tell everyone about you."  (Client - May 2010)

  • "Hi Ian, Just wanted to say a big thank you for Sat 9th. Everyone had a great night, the music was fantastic and we had great feedback from everyone about you. Thanks C and M."  (Client - January 2010)

  • "Everybody is commenting on how good the music is."  (Client - January 2010)

  • "That's twice I've seen you now and a great set every time."  (Client - January 2010)

  • "Always a great set, you never fail to please."  (Venue - December 2009)

  • "What a great night, I'll never forget it, the music you played was bang on. C."  (Client - August 2009)

  • "Hi Ian, Thank you so much for a most enjoyable evening you did a fantastic job, everyone said so.  Cheers mate, M."  (Client - July 2009)

  • "What a brilliant DJ Thanks for Saturday mate you made A and D's wedding."  (Client - July 2009)

  • "Thank you Ian for a good evening, lots of people saying this morning how good it was.  It was nice meeting you. Will keep your details for future reference and to pass on to anyone who wants a D.J.  All the best  J"  (Client - June 2009)

  • "Hi Ian,  Just wanted to say a big thank you for a great job on Saturday night.  I think you could tell we all had a fabulous time.  Thanks once again, we all enjoyed the music very much!  Best regards  C  (Client - April 2009)

  • "Hi Ian, Would just like to say a big thank you for your hard work Saturday. It's always a worry when you don't personally know the dee-jay, but my worries were definitely unfounded. The music and deejay were brilliant, and that's not just my opinion, lots of people said the same thing. If anyone I know ever wants a deejay I will definitely be recommending you. Once again THANK YOU. Regards. T"  (Client - March 2009)

  • "A big thank you for contributing for a great evening for us.  I don't know how you grade the success of an evening but many people spoke highly of what you did so professionally on Saturday evening.  My mum couldn't get over how much you seem to enjoy yourself in your work.  She enjoyed also the balance of music.  N spoke to M today and she was very pleased with the evening especially what you provided. G".  (Client - March 2009)

  • "Just had to say thanks again for Saturday - the music was just perfect and M loved every second. Superb Thanks again M".  (Client - March 2009)

  • "Thank you, you kept everybody dancing all night long, everybody has been asking for your number".  (Client - December 2008)

  • "Can we have some cards to put behind the bar?  We're often asked if we know a good DJ".  (Venue - December 2008)

  • "I have to say I have never seen someone so obviously enjoying their job, and the music was absolutely fantastic too".  (Guest - December 2008)

  • "Thank you for such a lovely time".  (Client - December 2008)

  • "I came in and thought, this is great music, I'd forgotten that you'd be DJing at X's Wedding reception".  (Previous Client - December 2008)

  • "Thanks for a really great night night, everyone was saying how good the music was".  (Client - September 2008)

  • "Just to say thanks for a brilliant evening on Saturday, everybody had a really good time especially me!!!!!!!!! Thanks again, several people asked for your details and I was glad to pass them on".  (Client - July 2008)

  • "You put on a really good show tonight".  (Venue - July 2008)

  • "Thank you so much, I had a wonderful evening".  (Client's Party - July 2008)

  • "You're Brilliant!!!".  (Client's Wedding - Apr 2008)

  • "I just wanted to thank you for Friday night. Everybody had a great time, loved the music and it turned out to be perfect, just the way I had hoped. A couple of people asked me for your number, so you never know you may get more bookings from it.  Take care, good luck with everything".  (Client - Feb 2008)

  • "You played just the right mix of music, you had all the girls dancing all night, thank you very much".  (Client - Jan 2008)

  • "Thank you very much for doing my party, lots of people said they enjoyed the music.

    Just a couple of old biddies said it was too loud but they would have said that anyway!!!!!!!! whatever!!!

    All the best and Hope I have occasion to book you again".  (Client - Dec 2007)

  • "You made the evening"  (Client - Sept 2007)

  • "You pitched the music just right"  (Client - Sept 2007)

  • "My kinda music, great grub, good weather and the usual great UKC company."   (Client - PT Cruiser Meet - Sept 2007)

  • "Thanks for organising this one, also our thanks go out to the staff at Whitehouse, the caterers, the DJ and Elvis."   (Client - PT Cruiser Meet - Sept 2007)

  • "Great to have you back again, you play exactly the right music for this event, we look forward to seeing you again next year"  (Client - PT Cruiser Meet - Sept 2007)

  • "Rocking DJ belting out the best tunes!!"  (Venue - Aug 2007)

  • "You didn't play a single song I didn't like"  (Customer - June 2007)

  • "We love you"  (Customers - May 2007)

  • "This man is one the greatest DJs we have ever worked with.  We recommend!!"  (Venue - Mar 2007)

  • "You did really well tonight"  (Client's 21st - Dec 2006)

  • "You played a lovely mix of music tonight"  (Venue - Dec 2006)

  • "I'll use you for all my families parties"  (Client's party - Nov 2006)

  • "You're playing all the right music"  (Theme night customer - Nov 2006)

  • "Thanks, the music was really good, everyone had a lovely time"  (Client's Wedding - Oct 2006)

  • "Great set tonight"  (Venue - Oct 2006)

  • "You're brilliant"  (Customer - Oct 2006)

  • "We love this music"  (Customer - Sept 2006)

  • "The music mix was just right.  It was like the middle floor at 'The Venue'"  (School Disco Customer - Sept 2006)

  • "The selection of music you played was perfect"  (Client's Wedding - Sept 2006)

  • "That was a very nice touch, picking up on the Best Man's speech and playing those 'special' songs, I thought it was a set-up"  (Client's Wedding - Sept 2006)

  • "You're the man, much respect".   (Indie Night customer - Sept 2006)

  • "Thanks to Ian from Time FM Radio, great music, great entertainment, look forward to seeing you next year".   (Client - PT Cruiser Meet - Sept 2006)

  • "What a great day, was so well organised and the food, company and music were great"   (Client - Sept 2006)

  • "Just the man"!   (Client - August 2006)

  • "You're the cheapest of all the DJs I've called".   (Client - July 2006)

  • "Dear Ian, We had a fantastic evening - thanking you now for playing such a big part to make it so - and for the CD you compiled for us - we love it! Warmest wishes, Sally & Fred".   (Clients - (Wedding Anniversary) - June 2006)

  • "Everyone was saying that most DJs can be disappointing, but you were different, you played everything that everybody liked".   (Guests - June 2006)

  • "Thank you, ever so much".   (Clients - June 2006)
  • "You played such a wide range of music".   (Guests - June 2006)
  • "Great night, thanks for all the announcements, got your number now for when we do this again".   (Dorothy Perkins/Burton, Bluewater - May 2006)
  • "Thanks for all your support, its really appreciated".   (Xfm - May 2006)
  • "Great set".   (Bar Staff - May 2006)
  • "You were here last week, nice one, good to hear something different for a change".   (Client - May 2006)
  • "Thank you so much, you'll be the first DJ that I call for future functions".   (Charlton Athletic Football Club - April 2006)
  • "I can't believe it, you've got them dancing already".   (Managing Director TimeFM - April 2006)
  • "Can you come back every week?".   (O'Neill's - April 2006)
  • "Such a very professional service, we're very happy with the launch".   (Debenhams - April 2006)
  • "Thanks for making the day so special, we'll definitely use you again".   (Client - March 2006)
  • "We like working with you, because you are a professional, we know that we can rely on you to represent the radio station -  we have nothing to worry about".   (Station Manager TimeFM - March 2006)
  • "I had a really lovely birthday, thank you for playing my songs".   (21st Birthday Party - Jan 2006)
  • "Terrific night, thanks for playing all the requests, we'll book you for our next corporate event".   (Ocean Finance - Dec 2005)
  • "You worked so hard, the whole event went really well".   (Environment Agency - Oct 2005)
  • "Thank you, the football songs were a nice touch, and the music during the meal was just right - I didn't know that you were a Charlton supporter".   (Millwall Football Club - Oct 2005)
  • "I just wanted to thank you, everyone has been saying what lovely music you played".   (30th Wedding Anniversary - Oct 2005)
  • "Thanks for such a great night, and playing all the songs I asked you for too".   (16th Birthday Party - Oct 2005)
  • "The best DJ in Bexleyheath".   (Venue - Sept 2005)
  • "Glad you could get here at such short notice, we'll book you again next year".   (Bexley Council - August 2005)

I can put you in touch with most of the people quoted above, should you wish.

I can cover just about any event you want to put on, no function is too big or too small.  Get in touch via the 'Contact' page and tell me all about it!
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